Blog 10

The groups that presented for the LOLA show this week were interior design students. That being said, I learned a lot about our surroundings in the home and workplace. One student presented on the more sustainable alternative to linoleum flooring. She touched on how many houses and buildings are incorporating this new material instead of the old and outdated linoleum flooring. Another student talked about the LED screens that were placed in the workplace. These were the perfect marriage between nature and technology and nature centered design. My favorite presentation was about the historical house in Spain. Although the video was a little on the cheesy side, I enjoyed seeing how the house incorporated nature into the interior of the building. All shapes were round and organic.
The Max-Neef matrix is a tool that categorizes human needs. The human needs are broken into being, having, doing, and interacting. These categories are further broken into categories like subsistence, protection, affection, understanding, participation, leisure, creation, identity, and freedom. Acts of life are categorized into the matrix according to where they best fit within the groups of categories. I thought the categories that the matrix divided into were interesting. It kind of game human nature a simplistic look by illustrating that humanity can be divided up into just the qualities, the things, the actions, and the settings.
A project that I have come across in relation to human needs is called Bed Start. It is a project that was started by a family friend at my home church. Him and groups of volunteers gather every Saturday morning for a few hours and deliver beds and other home furniture to people in need around the Dallas area. He has been running this program for years and continues to grow in the amount of donated pieces of furniture, the area delivered to, and the amount of people that he has helped. It really influenced me through middle school and high school because my family and I would volunteer a lot during the summers and school year. It really made me understand the differences in socioeconomic classes in the are in which I live. I found it intriguing and kind of sad that many people that lived so close to me did not have what I considered to be basic necessities.

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