During the LOLA show I was able to learn about may different things that the students presented, but a few of the really stood out to me. One of those was the one about Pocket Parks. This idea is about incorporating small parks into areas that are around building and are not really serving a purpose. By incorporating these pocket parks I these areas they are able to create biophilic design that can positively influence many people. Another one that was interesting was the Sky Factory and the electronic panels that they created. These panels can be placed in ceilings and areas that me not be able to have real natural light and biophilia and can instead make it seem as though there is real light and real plant life. The last one that really stood out was the Interface carpet tiles. These carpet tiles are part of a human nature collection and help inspire biophilic patterns that help incorporate biophilia into areas that may be lacking it and don’t have aces to a lot of natural biophilic elements.

The Max Neef matrix reflects on 9 human needs that we experiences and then continues to list how we need them in realti0on to Being, Having, Doing and Interacting. What stood out to me was seeing which ones I related to more and which ones were not so much me. When my group did our learning community project we had to work with Having, and we still had to consider empathic design but we also considered something that was practical and could withstand time.


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