Blog 8

Blog 8 Kayla Pinard

My thoughts on empathic design are positive. I enjoyed learning about empathic design because of how much it relates to my major. It is extremely important for the clients to feel good in the space that I am designing for them. I need to make sure I provide a design that is emotionally relatable to the client. The item that I discussed in class was my bed frame. It was my dads when he was growing up and then my brothers and now I have used it throughout college. It is very sentimental to our family. The design probes package exercise in class on Thursday was interesting to work on. I found it to be very cool and interesting to see how the client reacted to everything throughout the day. I enjoyed looking at her powerpoint and she seemed really happy. The other students’ LOLA shows were very interesting. I really liked the one about the mushroom/plants that are used for packaging and other items. I also really enjoyed the jellyfish house one even though its very off in the future it was still very intriguing. The final LOLA show that I enjoyed was the biomimcry and carpet. I like how you can implement nature within an office space. The MaxNeef matrix was very enjoyable to learn about. I enjoyed learning about the human needs of others and how to come up with a successful conclusion of needs. I really liked the being, having, doing, and interacting. A project that I have seen or heard about that is related to human needs was a store that offers customers to bring older items to the store in off hours. Then they were be rewarded with a brand new item from the store. I definitely would interested in bringing older items to receive a free new item.

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