Blog 8

Some of the LOLA shows that stood out to me were the pocket parks, which I believed to be very cool. I really like the idea of having a little park placed where there is not anything being used. It is a really big health benefit, because if these pocket parks are near a building then people can go outside and take breaks there. Another show I enjoyed was the Jellyfish lodge. I really like the idea of having food growing indoors and having the panels all glass. Your water will be filtered and have solar panels for heat. Even though this is still a prototype, I really think that this would be a cool house to live in. The final project I liked was the bark house; instead of shaving the wood made for the house this company uses the wood for shingles. The trees are then taken from those who suppress the long challenge. The matrix is able to define the qualities of each need, and also how to implement the needs expressed by all sorts of people. The matrix can also be applied to any industry in our culture, which can of course be very useful in revenues. For the having is defined as the actual things of the need or protection. The things that could be used to help for the needs would be social security, health systems, and work for money. Then the doing process, being is defined as qualities of the need, so for example, for protection the qualities would be care, adaptability, and autonomy. The actions of doing can be taken to actually put help for the needs into action such as protection. The one project that moves me is Madewell’s jean project. They have customers bring in old jeans and they, Madewell, have the jeans recycled and made into insulation for a home. I really think that this project is sustainable, because when jeans are given to second hand stores such as Plato’s closet the jeans are sitting there till there’s room on the racks. So instead of having your jeans sit on a self, you can help insulate a home.

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