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I do not remember learning the concept of empathic design in any of the marketing classes, however the idea of it turns out to be essential to good marketing and product development.  Learning about this concept really helped me understand how some cosmetics brands are able to create so much hype and differentiate themselves in a very saturated market.

Valuable item

I brought a Christmas ornament I’ve had since I was about 3.  It was made of some sort of plastic and is the only ornament that survived through all the moving.  It is shaped like a house and reminds me of my grandfather.  It brings back peaceful and comforting memories.

3 Methodologies

  • Day in life is the method we used in class. In this method researcher analyzes typical day activities of the subject.  As in-class assignment showed, this is method can paint a pretty accurate picture of the subjects needs and interests.
  • Empathy tool method we used in Product Development class. In this method, researcher uses tools that simulate user experience.  This tool is helpful when designing for people with disabilities.
  • Focus Group method was used in one of Dr. Armstrong classes. It was a discussion with residents of a retirement community.  The goal was to understand their views on the subject.

Design probes

Our team designed for a girl who was feminine, casual and liked colors.  We came up with a boutique that would sell comfortable and fashionable clothing as well as home accesories.  I have learned from this exercise that it is very important to pay attention to your target customer’s lifestyle in order to create a suitable product that will sell well.

LOLA shows

Ultima+ are acoustical ceiling tiles that are available in a range of sized and can absorb or block sounds.  They are made of sustainable materials and resistant to fire and humidity.
Marmoleum is a brand name flooring made from natural materials.  It is an alternative to Linoleum popular in 1950s.  Beautiful floor designs can be created using Marmoleum.  It is made of linseed oil, wood and cork flours, production waste, tree resin, limestone, etc.  It is colored thoroughly, so that potential scratches are less noticeable.
Sky Factory screens create digital illusion of windows that can be applied to ceiling or walls.  All scenes constantly move and each scene is about 1.5 hours long.  Seasons can be changed and adjusted. The company makes all the videos themselves.

I have learned from these presentations that beautiful interior can also be earth-friendly.  Also, some modern creations we have seen in Lola shows so far are getting pretty dystopian, Sky Factory windows especially.

Max Neef matrix

Max Neef matrix expands the list of human needs into four more categories: Being, Having, Doing, Interacting.  What stood out to me is that each need can materialize itself in a four different kinds of ways. It is something I have never considered.  This way any design/product can be categorized as meeting a certain need in one of the four ways.

I like when churches put effort into serving children with special needs.  I think it is wonderful that those kids get to hear the message and socialize with other kids outside of school.  I also appreciate when churches serve children from underprivileged families.  I think changing the mindset of children is the best way to create a brighter future.


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