Big Feet

I really enjoyed Tim Brown’s reading this week about us being “extreme users”. The definition of being an extreme user really stuck out to me because after visiting a foreign country, I am more aware of how us as Americans over use many things. Tim also discussed the other extreme, the poverty stricken users. We could empower them as business leaders anywhere and everywhere!

There are many areas were eco design plays apart in our everyday designs as Interior Designers. For instance, take a chair. Instead of customizing the chair with normal upholstery, new wood, and new plastic, you could have the chair made with recycled upholstery, restored and reused wood, and recycled plastic! Human capital could be involved in this process if more people were educated about these sustainable natural materials. That’s why most people do not use these products because they don’t know that they even exist.

One of the main problems in the world that I see is physiological. It is self-confidence and self-worth. Our society today has a way of making individuals feel less like the special and unique human being they are and more like an object that doesn’t meet the “normal standard”. I try to spend a lot of time helping others around me and younger girls at my church feel more emotionally secure about themselves.

My Co2 was 7.9 tonnes when ideally it should be about 2 tonnes. I think a lot of this has to do with me including my plane trip to Africa this year which is why my feet are so big. Another tip was to uses my dishwasher and my dryer less which is why my hands are slightly larger than my body. Maybe hand wash some dishes, or hang clothes up to dry!

There is a lot of things I think OSU can do with pomping but it basically all comes down to this: instead of spending so much money on homecoming decks, we could donate half of that to a charity in need. We could also use recycled tissue, chicken wire, VOC free and naturally wall paper adhesive, and then recycle everything when we are done instead of throwing it into the trash.

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