Blog 9

The Tim Brown article encourages the application of design thinking in all aspects of business and life. This approach sprouts innovation and supports creativity in problem solving that provides new and lasting solutions to active, financial, and social problems.

Design activism is about using the power of visual communication as a tool to design events and communication strategies beyond product design to increase consumer and designer knowledge about the environmental and social impacts of fashion and textiles.

My C02 was 9.4 tonnes. The pointers given for me were to do less, eat less meat and fewer dairies. I should eat nothing more than what is required in order to stay healthy. It also said I should change a few of the installments in my house to be more energy efficient.

I think a problem that needs immediate attention is hunger. There are millions of people in the world that do not have enough food to lead a healthy active life. By simply taking action in volunteering, donating, and supporting organizations we can help reduce world hunger.

Pomping one of the traditions that makes OSU’s homecoming one of the greatest in America. Prepping for this takes months, students spend hours a week sticking tissue paper into chicken wire to create the pictures that are displayed on the screens in front of Greek houses. Turning this tradition into a sustainable project could possibly be more difficult but worthwhile.

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