Blog 9

I think design activism is important and should be utilized more often. I think if it was used more often people would be more open to change and understanding social movements.

I think world hunger is a problem that needs to be addressed immediately. I think since Americans are so wasteful we don’t realize how many people go without enough food. I think a way that this could be addressed is working with food companies for every thing sold her one could be shipped to people who need food. Another thing is that Americans often throw away that is still good so I think they could try donating that food to local food banks.

After creating a login I calculated my total CO2 value. I don’t think it is 100% accurate because I didn’t know a lot of the questions pertaining to insulation, etc because I rent my house, but I feel like it is probably in the right ball park because I try to be as sustainable as I can be. It gave my total habit as 4.9 tonnes and my ideal habit being 2 tonnes. There wasn’t really one body part that was bigger than another. It was all pretty proportional and I think that is how I live my life. I think I make just enough of a sustainable effort to cancel out the bad that I do, but I do think I could improve my effort to make my good outweigh my bad instead of just it being even across the board.

Pomping is an activity that I have participated in at Oklahoma State University for the past three years. I have spent anywhere from 8-12 hours each week for approximately the first eight weeks of each fall semester. Pomping is when you take two tiny pieces of tissue paper that are cut into squares and you overlay them on top of each other then place the end of pencil at the center of it and push it through a hole on a screen of chicken wire being held into place with glue. While at the end of eight weeks you can find these amazing, and massive house decs on most of the fraternity lawns, they are only up for the weekend then have to get taken down and thrown in the trash because there is nothing left to do with them. I don’t see OSU ever changing the tradition of house decs because it is what has helped bring in over 80,000 visitors to Stillwater each homecoming and given the nickname of “America’s Greatest Homecoming”. I do think there are ways that we could make it more sustainable though. I think if someone were able to invent a tissue paper that was light and thin enough for the decs, but sturdy and stable enough that the pieces could be reused again year after year that would be ideal. If that was not possible then I think they should require only tissue paper that has been made out of recycled materials to be used on the decs.

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