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Tim Brown has interesting thoughts on design, it can depend on the education that inspires different designs. If at a young age children are taught to be creative and are allowed to explore all the different ways of creativity it can enhance their minds as they get older. There needs to be structure in education while also being encouraged to think outside of the box. Design activism is based on what you are willing to do in order to get your creative design out to the world. I think that design activism is much needed, if you have a design you should be active and take the initiative to make it happen. There are so many social and environmental causes that need attention and to be addressed. There are the more common ones like global warming, education and equality. There are also the ones that get pushed aside like water use and carbon output, all causes are as equally as important, but some get more attention than others. For me water use is becoming a major problem and I do not think people realize just how much. Water is something that many developed countries take for granted, we use water so much throughout the day that if it is ever shut off for a day for any reason people start to panic. In many other countries that is just how they live, they may not have water for many days. My first way that I would start to deal with this issue is by talking to and educating the people that I know of the ways to be more water conscious everyday, by this I mean to only use or run water when it is absolutely necessary. As a result of this I have now educated the people around me and have given them a different perspective that they can go and share with other people they know. Getting people encouraged and excited about an issue is the key to change.

My total CO2 was 5.8 with an ideal of 2. My hands are the biggest because I need to recycle more, consider moving into a newer house, and eat less meat. I believe that two of the three are possible. I will consider moving into a new house and recycling more, but eating less meat is not ever going to happen. I do not believe my eating habits affect that much of my carbon foot print. I consider myself a pretty health conscious person who likes to eat clean while being environmentally conscious as well.

Although for many people pomping can be considered a very unsustainable thing to do, there are many aspects of it that are sustainable. The steel that the pomping screens go on to are all reusable and recycled every year. When the pomping is done it creates beautiful decks that people all round the state and even the country come to Stillwater to see. While these people are here they are flooding the city with money that is used to keep all these local shops and stores afloat.

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