Blog 9

`Tim Brown’s reading

  • Tim Brown’s reading was very interesting. I had no idea what an extreme user was, or never even heard of an extreme user before this reading. An extreme user is someone who consumes many products without utilizing the product as a whole, but only using a portion of the product.

Thoughts on Design Activism

  • I think design activism is very interesting. Design activism is about making products and things in our everyday lives, more user friendly. Before I never really thought about design as meeting the needs of people but more of it something is aesthetically pleasing. Design is important and we definitely need more people to be innovative and become design activists.

Problems in the World

  • Poverty is a huge problem in the world. There are people with more money than they could ever spend, and there are people who don’t know when their next meal will be or how they are going to get it. Poverty is a can be a hard issue to solve because there are a lot of people that are in poverty and don’t work to at least try and get themselves out. I wish that I could say that we were all given an equal chance in life to be successful but that unfortunately is not the case. Being ethnic I feel that we have to work harder to get to where we want to be in life and it’s sad but at the same time when I become successful I will be even more grateful and proud that I was able to fulfill my life goals. The only way that I can personally help others is by encouraging them to keep a positive attitude, be passionate about whatever it is that they want in life, nothing is going to be handed to you, you have to earn it,and work hard and understand success doesn’t happen overnight.

My CO2 Value…

  • My CO2 value was 7.3 tonnes, where the ideal value is 2 tonnes. My hands were abnormally big and I had a slightly big as well. It is recommended that I cut back on some the dairy that I consume. This is weird because I feel as don’t consume enough dairy. I t also recommended that dry my clothes at a cooler temperature and buy green electricity.

Pomping Reflection

  • Pomping is very unsustainable and really serves no purpose. Although the art its self serves no purpose other than our own entertainment, it does generate a ton of business for businesses located on the strip, it also brings family and friends together for a good time. The only alternative is maybe setting up a light show using various lights, from Christmas light to strobe lights. By setting up a lightshow they could turn the lights on when needed and even reuse them year after year.
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