Blog 9

The Tim Brown reading was difficult to follow at times. I summed up the reading into changing small things can make a big difference. Also, he mentioned how we should think smarter not harder and bring creativity into decisions. I thought this was a great thought.
Design Activism is for a very passionate person. I have been inspired by this class to live a more sustainable life, but I am not to the point to be an activist for sustainable design. I think it takes someone who truly cares and is determined to find a solution to a problem, which are awesome qualities in a person.
Leggings made from water bottles would be a natural capital because the plastic is a material that produces a new product and has a flow of energy. They relate to human capital through the health of the human by reusing materials we are reducing waste in our communities.
Hunger is a huge problem in the World. We know this is a problem in other countries, but it is also a problem in our communities. I have always wanted to open a food pantry in my community. I grew up in a low-income town where kids at my school had not eaten in a few days. We need to recognize it’s not only a problem in other countries, it is also an issue that needs to be resolved right here at home.
My total CO2 value is 4.9 tonnes. My backside is the largest body part I have.
As far as pomping goes, I believe we should find a complete different alternative. I think painting a large canvas, using a technology board, or just creating a sculpture from reusable materials would be better alternatives.

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