Blog 9

What I got from the reading was almost the idea of thinking smarter and not harder and designing for that. For example the start off by telling about how by changing a small part of a logo on a math box that it increased the sales of it. Not only can this be incorporated into deign but it can also be practiced. For example it talked about the obesity rate and how instead of hoping someone else is going to make a change for your child, that it can start at home and making changes there first. To me design activism and making a design change that it going to change and benefit something for the better. When addressing hunger and how we can step up to help I think of the design that my learning community came up with. Our idea was to start incorporating garden and green house areas into school systems so that they can learn how to grow their own food. Maybe even through this they can keep the food that they grow and also teach them practices that can help address hunger and poverty.

After taking my CO2 value quiz it showed that the ideal habit it 2 tones and that my habit is 9.3 tones. It gave me tips on how to recycle more, having green electricity and home energy.

Lastly talking about homecoming and pomping is something that I know a lot about. For the past year I have been a director for my chapter and have been able to see how much really goes into pomping. I can tell you that we purchase over 200 boxes of pomp and that they are not cheap. What is hard to swallow is that after you spend so much money on the materials that it takes to make the dec and all that hours it takes to design and build it, that after two days of it being up it had to be ripped down and just thrown away. What I would propose as an alternative would be to design a pomp paper material that could be biodegradable so that we didn’t just have to throw it away. Another option would be a way to repurpose and reuse it for other uses so that it’s not just wasted. I would love to see this happen because I put so many hours into this year’s dec and saw how much money it took to make it and it was heart breaking to watch them tear it down today.


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