Blog 9

I think some major articles of clothing that have a lot of meaning to people are items that represent a milestone in life. A babies first blanket, a wedding dress, prom dress, or tux all have significant meaning. These items can be relatively cheap or extremely expensive. However, money doesn’t really mean much when it comes to these items. Long after the money has been exchanged they are cherished, collected, and maybe even past on to other generations as meaningful gifts. On one hand these are sustainable because they are not usually thrown away, but on the other hand most of these are only used once or just a few times. The only way to make them more sustainable would be to change the materials they were made from.

One issue I can think of that affected people recently was the hurricane that hit Haiti. Unfortunately Haiti is all too familiar with the devastation and destruction that comes with hurricanes. They are hit with them quite often and every time hundreds of people are killed and thousands of homes are destroyed. When I think of a way to help I think of the company that has started building homes out of plastic bricks. The houses are just a few thousand dollars, can be built quickly with just a few people, utilize recycled plastic, and can aid in quick housing in the aftermath of a natural disaster. After learning about this company I have been even more inclined to recycle.

My score was 7.2 tonnes and my feet and hands were fairly large. My personal recommendations to do better are to recycle more, change the setting on my dishwasher, and to try and cut back on long distance flying. I feel like I can definitely recycle more and make simple changes to my household appliances and energy usage but I find the flying tip to be harder to adjust to.

OSU takes homecoming very seriously and pomping is a huge part of it. I think it is an interesting tradition but I feel like there is so much work put into it and not a lot of reward. The students work ridiculously long hours just pomping and the structures take weeks to set up. After they are finished their work is only displayed for about two days before it is all torn down. I don’t understand why they are so shortly lived. A possible solution for less waste would be to either make the signs smaller or maybe pair 4 groups together instead of just 2. The groups could also look into using recycled paper materials.

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