Blog 9

Week 11


The Tim Brown reading talked about a different way to view design. He talked about how important it is when designing to think about the person that is being designed for, and go above and beyond. It was all about creative problem solving and how important it is to foster creativity in every field of work, even those considered to be “less creative”. This is also an important component to design activism, and for using creativity and design to solve some of the world’s serious problems. With this view of design and creating with empathy for the user, it brings to light these big issues, and shifts focus from monetary capital to human need and solving these world problems.


There are so many major world problems going on all over the world, however there are just as many issues going on even on our own soil in America. We are so quick to overlook the impoverished here in The States, and dismiss them because it’s easier to ignore than to address that we, too, have a problem. Living in LA this summer, it is shocking to see some of the richest of the rich living next to a large population of homelessness and poverty. I think that the situation in America, where we have such an abundance of wealth and such an ability to help, yet we don’t even make enough of an effort to help those on our own soil who truly need it. However, this is also a hard problem to solve, especially on an individual level, but I think we can each do our part by being informed, participating in helpful efforts, and being involved and knowledgeable about what is going on in our government and our legislation and do our part to vote and support efforts to help solve these issues.


My total CO2 value was 9.9 tonnes. My hands, feet, and mouth were biggest, but so was most of me. One big component to my high number I believe is my large car which uses a lot of gas and has a big impact. It also told me I used a lot of water, and leaving my tv on as well as not recycling often had a big impact on my number as well. It’s hard to imagine being able to live a 2 tonnes, ideal habbit, life, especially for me in my current situation. As a renter, there isn’t much option I have in my apartment as far as things like appliance types/age and insulation and windows. If I owned a home it would be easier to make those small changes that would help to reduce my CO2 value some, but it’s just not doable as a renter.



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