Blog 9

The Tim Brown reading was interesting and offered new outlooks on design. When people are trying to come up with new products they sometimes can lose sight of why things are developed. New things should be developed to serve an intended purpose, not to clutter up and waste resources. When people design new things it can sometimes be for money or for recognition and the designers forget that products should have meaning and do not focus on consumers. The reading focuses on designing for a specific consumer who will love the product so much that they will continue to use it and get all that they can out of the product. This is how design should be and the reading really emphasizes that.

Design Activism is about really believing in sustainability and pushing others to do so as well. It is a passionate subject for those who truly believe everyone should live sustainably. It is also an attempt at understanding and exploring social movements and social change. I do think it is important but not everyone is that passionate about living sustainably. I personally would rather live happily being unsustainable, then sacrificing things I like to be sustainable. I try to stop things and give up things that won’t affect me negatively, like turning off lights and recycling when I have the option. However, I do not want to go out of my way and eat less meat just because that’s more sustainable. I like meat, and believe I need in it my diet, therefore choose not to eliminate it.

An issue I care about is homeless animal populations. In Stillwater there is a huge stray/homeless/abandoned animal problem, especially relating to cats. I love animals a lot even more than people at times. One of the main reasons this is a huge problem in Stillwater is immature COLLEGE STUDENTS. Students will adopt pets on a whim without being financially or emotionally ready to do so. Once they realize they cannot take care of the animals they will dump them. Dogs usually will end up in a pound or will die because they are not fit to live on their own. Cats however can survive easier and will multiply. To stop the problem I would have harder screening processes for adoption and check ups with the adopter to make sue the animal is still being cared for properly.

My results were not surprising. I figured they would be pretty bad. My hands were the biggest. For the suggestions it said to eat less meat, don’t leave my pc on standby, and to do laundry less. It also said my results were 9.8 tonnes but should be 2 tonnes. This exercise showed me my worst habits in my lifestyle and how I could improve it. I can definitely turn off my laptop more but I know I won’t consume less meat.

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