Design Activism

Environmental impact of Homecoming

            This year was my first year in my college career to not be a part of making the homecoming decks. I was a member of Chi Omega for 4 years and with that did plenty of pomping hours. I do think that there is good and bad that comes along with Oklahoma State University Homecoming traditions. There are of course negatives for the environment when it comes to pomping and pomping waste. There are basically 4 main materials that are used to make the decks, tissue paper (and lots of it!), chicken wire, glue, and steel for the structures. The main issues environmentally would be the tissue paper, chicken wire, and glue. The steel is reused each year, which helps a little with sustainability. I think an option that could actually be feasible for an alternative would be the use of light. There are incredible things that can be done with LED light now, and that would allow for the grandness of the decks to remain intact. However, LED lights would still not be the most sustainable option because of the use of electricity, but the lights could be recycled and used the next year which would at least keep materials out of the landfills. Overall, the homecoming decks are a tradition that OSU holds dearly and I do not see it being a tradition that ends any time soon.

Design Activism

            Design Activism is a relatively new concept to me. Before this lecture I had heard of Design Activism but really did not understand what it is. I think it is a really crucial part of our field (interior design) because it is very important to make people understand how important sustainability is and how they can do their part. I thought it was really interesting that a key component to design activism was making resources as evenly spread across individuals as possible. I understand that is a pretty far fetched idea right now, but ultimately that would be an incredible end goal.

With that key component in mind, that would take care of one of the earths greatest issues – poverty. Poverty is, and has been, one of the greatest issues that the world has faced. There are countless ways that individuals have tried to step to end poverty, but in the end it I believe it comes down to the more fortunate helping the less fortunate. There is plenty of money in the world to help with people who are poverty stricken, they just have to be willing to help with the cause.

My Co2 value was 6.2 tonnes. My largest feature was my hands, which indicates that I need to do much better with my waste and recycling. I was glad to see that was my biggest issue because that is something that I can change pretty easily. It is hard to control some of the questions they were asking because I have roommate who maybe do not consider the environment as much as I do. However, waste is something that I can change all on my own.

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