Design Activism and Habbits

I think that design activism is extremely important because it gives those without professional training to step up and try to make a change. Most times, design activism creates solutions to problems that occur everywhere. If we can change it in one place, then we can change it in another.

A problem that needs immediate attention is hunger. There are so many people just in America that go hungry when there is already so much food and food waste here. This could easily be solved by reducing food waste or donating the food scraps to shelters. Also, a lot of consumers tend to overbuy while they are at the grocery store. If we could get their excess of food donated to those who don’t have anything, I believe it could greatly reduce hunger in the United States.

When calculating my habbit, it threw me through a loop because of all of the different non-American terminology. However, I did my best in attempting to know what everything meant. My total CO2 value is 7.1 tonnes, compared to the 2 tonnes ideal habbit. I don’t drive very much, so my feet were pretty small. My bum wasn’t too big, but it says that I need to recycle more than I do. Even though Stillwater does have a recycle area, living in an apartment complex without the option of recycling when we take out trash, sometimes I forget to go ahead and separate everything out and spend the extra gas and miles on my car to transport the recyclables. My hands were pretty big, which their suggestion was that I need to tumble dry less, switch to LED lightbulbs, turn down the heat a little bit, and when I end up moving, to consider a home that was built after 1995. My belly was pretty big because I tend to eat a lot of dairy products. My mouth was pretty normal in size. My head was also pretty normal in size.

I’m not in a sorority, so knowing what all happens to the pieces of the float after homecoming is a mystery to me. I talked with one of my classmates and she said that most times, the chicken wire/tissue paper pieces are thrown away and the metal structure is taken apart and most pieces are reused the next year. Although there is minimal metal waste, the amount of paper waste is significant. The classmate I talked to also said that they use really tough glue, such as wallpaper glue, in order to adhere the tissue paper to the chicken wire. Depending on the type of glue, this can release all sorts of VOCs into the atmosphere.

Instead of tissue paper, I believe they make tissue paper like substances out of thinly sliced, dried fruit. I also know that paper can be made from sugar cane, as not to cut down our trees. Either of these would be biodegradable and would be readily compostable. On the off chance they ended up in the waste piles, the materials would not contribute very much since they are biodegradable. Instead of wallpaper glue, they could use a water based glue that could break down easier than wallpaper glue. This would allow the chicken wire to be reused after the float is dismantled.

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