The Devil’s in the Details

The Tim Brown reading created a different way to view design, centered on the idea behind designing for the consumer who loves the product and uses it constantly. It looks into their uses of the product and how to integrate better the intended purpose into the garment. If done properly, it could then fulfill the consumer’s needs perfectly.

Something that stuck with me from living in Chicago this summer was the homeless population. It’s very easy to learn to walk by and not pay them any mind. My first weekend there I learned the reasons behind this sort of cruelty was based in self-preservation, since a news article came out detailing how a local homeless had been recently arrested for killing a puppy. Often the homeless don’t just need money or a home, rather, their issues are stemmed from mental illnesses. Because of that, I think the best way to help would be to begin donating to current causes who offer that mental help I personally am not qualified to give.

My Habbit had very big hands, since I rarely shut my computer off since I got a longer lasting battery. It suggested also that I stop eating meat or eat a lot less.

Instead of pomping, I was working on my sustainable group collection reflecting the ideals of the Native American peoples. I felted my own wool for it from old sweaters, and we are using majority of fabric is re-utilized or was donated to the Apparel program. There are more ways to be sustainable than just that, however. I was noticing how much muslin we waste when cutting our samples out. The utilization of the scrap fabric could be better, and could lead us to improve the pattern so that the fabric is better utilized.

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