Week 9

  • Design activism is important to us today. It’s the same as any other type of activism. It brings about awareness and change within a community and can bring around new opinions to create improvements within the industry.
  • Reflect on a piece of clothing or furniture or store environment as it relates to natural and human capital
  • In any built environment, human capital to me is about the employees. Who started the company or business? Who is in charge now? Who works shifts during the week? Each person plays an important role and makes a difference regarding how the company succeeds. Natural capital is the other half – what kind of money is the company making? Where does that money need to be distributed?
  • I think poverty and homeless ness are a huge problem. I hate to see people giving homeless people money out their car windows. I always give them water bottles from my car! Another great idea I have started doing is packing a small bag of water, snacks, and gift cards to restaurants for them. Another step forward would be to get to know them and even try to help them get a job.
  • My total CO2 is 8.5 tonnes. My hands and my stomach are larger because I need to change my heat, use my dishwasher less, and eat less dairy!
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