“Who Gives a Crap?”

I think designing for an extreme user can be a good idea. That way, you’re designing from multiple angles to get the most out of your design. However, I can also seeing it being too much possibly, but overall a good idea in my opinion.

From what I understand it seems that Design Activism designs for more of a purpose of reaching out to underprivileged clients. They keep in mind to fix these problems across the world that aren’t easy to face or design for, but that’s exactly what they’re doing. It’s a power to design for those who need it most. I think it’s a great concept/program.

Man-made goods require natural and human capital. They are “product of the consumer economy: primary design capital: requires manufactured capital.” So for example, a shirt. A man-made shirt goes through all these processes before it reaches the consumer.


I feel like hunger, to me, is one of the first problems that needs immediate attention. It’s so easy to help out and give food to those who need it most. You can donate to the horn of plenty, help food drives, volunteer at shelters, etc. I donate canned foods whenever I see an opportunity too. We also have them on campus about every semester towards the end to use up the rest of your meal plan. It’s a great idea for a great cause!

I visited the website you gave us to calculate my total CO2 value. It was very detailed and I’m not sure about some of the stuff in my apartment because it’s not mine. However, I tried my best on guessing and my total was 5.6 tonnes with the ideal being 2, so I feel like I’m not that bad.

First thing I noticed about my person is that his hands were a bit to big for my liking. My feet were pretty small/normal. My belly had some size to it, but I’m not sure how my bum turned out because I couldn’t see it. Overall, I feel like it wasn’t that bad and it could have been a lot worse.

I am not in a sorority, but my roommates in one. I don’t know much about it, but I know it takes up a lot of time (and probably money). I know these girls and boys put in a lot of time and effort into making these decks a wonderful experience for us at Walk Around and homecoming in general. It gets you in the mood for a great evening. However, I don’t see how pomping can be sustainable from any standpoint. They use a lot of paper and materials that aren’t easily replaceable with sustainable ones. I know some houses use chicken wire a lot, maybe they can reuse it from previous years or other reusable items. They might be able to recycle some of their materials if they aren’t able to keep them afterwards, and use recycled materials in the first place.

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