Blog 10

The probes package for Susan was a cool thing to see!  It’s amazing how much you can learn about someone just by seeing what they see and asking them a few simple questions.  We plan on using her responses to better design for her personal needs.  We have taken into consideration her personal preferences, her wants, needs, and current issues she has with her home. We will design for her based on something she dislikes in her home and improve from there! She talked about having trouble with her windows, as they surround the front of her home completely.  We have a few ideas about how to improve this and are hoping she enjoys our solution.  We will work along side empathic design-to meet her needs, cradle to cradle-recycling old materials, biomimicry-“copy cat” something in nature to fit design, and industrial ecology-improving our system to work toward a solution…all to show to impress upon Susan a great solution for her home.

I loved all of the Lola shows this week.  I enjoyed the Lokai Bracelets-it was cool to see that they travel all the way to the Dead Sea and the mountaintop to receive product for the bracelets!  I liked the AirBnb-I was just doing some research on this before she came up for her presentation.  I was just telling my boyfriend that it would be a cool thing to do when we grow up and want to travel! Lastly, the Patagonia presentation was interesting because they want you to be an “owner” and not a consumer.  The man who kept his jacket for 20+ years was inspiring!  I need to do more of that and kick my pointless shopping habits.

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