Week 12 Blog

ID interviewed Ms. Susan for our final probes package. In my learning community, we focused on her environment while reviewing her probes package and made sure to ask questions about how her environment helped or hindered her day. We focused on her staircase, layout of her house, and her office when discussing how we could enhance her environment.

From her responses, it was clear that her office was fine and needed no improvement. She already has a sit to stand desk and the functionality of it is fine. In her interview though, she mentioned that her husband has health issues and could lead to mobility issues especially with aging. Because of this, my learning community has decided to focus on her spiral stairwell which is necessary to use in navigating their home but not the safest way to age in place.

My group is going to focus on empathic design because we are taking her needs and developing a solution that is personally for her and aging in place. We are also going to incorporate Biophilia because she loves nature and the stairwell is a central point in her home. We will also include Cradle2Cradle design by reusing existing pieces of her staircase and only using sustainable materials.

LC 7 – 9 presented LOLA shows this week and did a wonderful job presenting. One presenter spoke about Patagonia, a large outdoor outfitting brand. Patagonia’s products are long lasting and they will help customers fix their jackets instead of buying new ones or they will recycle old jackets. Something that was interesting about Patagonia’s philosophy is that they told customers not to buy new clothes if they don’t need it. Instead, customers should be owners not consumers and only buy what they need when they need. Another interesting presentation was about Angel Gowns, a movement to recycle wedding dresses to provide to mothers of babies who pass away after birth. There is so much fabric in a wedding dress that many dresses can be made for babies from it and it is a better solution than leaving wedding dresses sitting in a closet or storage for years. Another presentation that I thought was interesting was about Toms, a company which has grown from making just shoes, to also including eyeglasses, bags, and other products all which benefit people in developing countries. Toms’ 1 for 1 program gives products to people in need with every purchase of one of their products.

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