Blog 10

This week we reviewed the probes package from our older individual. We learned that she is a busy woman who works full time and takes care of kids when she is not working. She has limited fashion choices due to the small amount of clothing stores in her home town, but still enjoys clothing that is fashionable yet practical. Her probes package was a little scant so we took the opportunity in class to ask her more in detail about her life and how we could design something to accommodate her lifestyle. After speaking with her, we gathered that she wants a garment that is comfortable yet fashion forward that she would feel comfortable in on the weekends. We decided to design using the morpho butterfly technology that Hannah Haines presented on in her LOLA show. This technology allows for many different appearances in different light settings. We want to design a dress out of the morpho material to be worn over garments so as to give different appearances to clothing that she normally wears. Under the morpho dress, we want to design comfortable knit dresses in various jewel tones, because she mentioned that she liked jewel tones. This design of giving her different options aligns with sustainability because she can easily have many different combinations with a few pieces of clothing.

The LOLA Shows this week talked about empathic design as it relates to sustainability. First, a student presented on the company TOMS, which is well known for their tagline “One to One”. This means that for every pair of shoes sold, the company will give a pair to someone in need. She also mentioned how the company has expanded its product line to incorporate coffee, eye glasses, and bags. Each of these new items proceed different groups of people in need. Another student presented on the ever popular Lokai bracelets. These bracelets have been very popular with the young adult generation and contain a bead that has water from mount Everest and mud from the dead sea. The bracelet symbolizes a balance of highs and lows in life and is a reminder to keep grounded and humble. The las show that stuck out to me was the student who presented on Patagonia. Patagonia is known famously in the fashion industry as a company who is eschewing fast fashion and unsustainable practices. She mentioned how the company wants the customer to be an owner rather than a consumer. I thought it was cool that Patagonia has this program that any person can send back a defective product to have it repaired at no cost to them. Another interesting thing I found was that the company hires seamstresses to travel around cities and repair Patagonia clothing free of charge.

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