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Probes Package

We were able to learn a lot from our older individual. We were able to see what challenges he faces day to day (which wasn’t a lot), we were able to learn that he loves to shop at Ross because of discounts. We were able to learn about what kind of store format/layout appeals to him which he shared he loves the apple store because it is neatly organized and offers help to people needing specific needs and the welcoming environment they present. We were able to learn that he likes bright color shirts and neutral colored shorts, and that he is enjoys paintings and being outside.

With the responses we got during our interview we were able to determine what direction we wanted to go for our project. We decided to make an at home garment that has padding in main areas of contact when falling for elders. During our interview he said that he enjoys the outdoors of his home but he has to be really carful while walking to not fall, he has already had a hip replacement which told us that if he was to fall and hit a certain amount of contact to his hips he could get seriously injured but there is no way to prevent falling and still enjoy the outdoors.

As far as sustainability theories goes we are using empathic design, design thinking, and the honeycomb structure.


I really enjoyed the LOLA show on the TOM’s Shoe Company because in high school I loved TOM’s shoes and was really passionate about their movement. I thought that it was interesting to find out that not only do they help by providing shoes but also water, backpacks, and eye sight which are all things I was not aware of. I also really enjoyed the LOLA show over AIR B&B because this is a company that is becoming super popular and allowing people to travel for cheaper. Myself wanting to travel many places have looked into it but have always been a little sketched out. I enjoyed finding out more about the company and seeing how it tied into empathic design.

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