My group had Ms. Susan, and what I learned from the probes package is that she lives in a three story, A frame house that is completely glass on the front side. She lives in the country with her husband. They both work for OSU so they carpool to work every day. Ms. Susan is in wonderful health and loves the outdoors. She told us that she has a problem with her house getting cool in the summer since her house is glass. She also mentioned that she has curtains but she does not like them. So my LC has come up with the idea to make a window treatment for her. We want to make her a type of curtain that also can provide energy to her home with the help of solar panels. She also mentioned how she wanted a murphy bed so my group thought about making her a bed that also had speakers in it. She loves music so we thought that it would only be appropriate to incorporate a sound system into her murphy bed.

I enjoyed watching the first group that went up to present. The first three girls all had something interesting about empathic design. I had no idea that Toms had multiple products to support and help people in other countries. I think that it is cool that they have shoes, bags, coffee, etc. It is something that is really neat and the whole concept of Toms is amazing. The next was the loki bracelet, and the concept behind that is about moving on and being happy. The man that made them was depressed and started to make these bracelets based on empathy. He lets people know that no matter how dark your days are there is always something good to come. The third LOLA show was about Patagonia and how they will repair things on your jackets for free. People seriously go around fixing their clothing for free because they want to make it like something you own for life, and not something that you throw out when it breaks.They make their lining with recycled nylon. All three of the LOLA shows were all about empathy and empathic design as well as sustainability.

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