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When I looked at the probes package for Ms. Susan I could tell that she liked pattern and color and that her house was somewhat of an odd space. After looking at the image that she provided with us, it was helpful to get to sit down and talk to her about her house and her personality. While talking to her we found out that her house it awkward shaped because it is an A frame house that has the main wall made out of all glass and the only way to get to the three different floors is by using the spiral staircase that is in the center of the house. We also got to confirm that she really does enjoy patterns and colors and colors and that she also really enjoys music. After hearing from her, our group deiced on a design for her and from this design we will be incorporating the theory of empathetic design where we will be designing something that will be better for her day to day life. We will also be looking at biomimicry by incorporating the design of flowers and letting them inspire a print for us that will not only go with her love of print but also nature.

One of the presentations that stood out to me during the lola show was the one about Toms. Before she presented I knew basic facts about toms and that they donated a pair of shoes for every pair bought but I didn’t know all the other things that they did. I learned that they also make eyewear and donate eyewear, they also donate water when someone buys there coffee and that they also donate medical supplies for safe births. All of this was new to me and interesting to learn. Another one that was interesting was Patagonia, again I knew that basics about them but I didn’t know that they were so into fixing their own clothing instead of buying a new one of their jackets and that they will even have people teach the consumers how to fix their jacket on their own so that they aren’t wasting the clothes. The last one that was interesting was about how they can turn rock into paper to make note books. Not only was this really cool because they aren’t tearing down trees but that if you want to recycle them all you have to do is leave them in the sun for about 8 months and they will turn back into rock and dust.

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