Blog 10

I really enjoyed learning about my older individual’s life and what he does every day. He is a very crafty individual and loves to shop at second hand stores and find pieces that he can use to create something else. He enjoys living a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy foods. He cares about when he consumes. He likes to do a lot of different things around Stillwater. He enjoys swimming, and is involved in a program called Measure Up where older people can connect to younger people and they can learn things from each other and help each other out. He doesn’t like to online shop because he doesn’t feel comfortable putting in his card information online so instead he calls the store to give him his information. Clothing is an important factor in his life and he enjoys wearing brighter colors rather than lighter/plain colors. Instead of trying clothes on he rather just hold it up to himself and see if he thinks it would fit. His favorite clothing store to shop at is Ross and he has a hard time getting rid of things. He likes paintings and all the ones in his house are paintings by people he knew.

My group has decided to make pantry shelves that move electronically so the food is easier to reach and more accessible to him. He has knee problems and has to walk with a cane so this pantry would be easier for him to reach the things he needs without potentially harming himself. Also older individuals have trouble reaching down low and reaching up high the the pantry shelves will meet a happy medium for the consumer.

The first theory we will be using is obviously empathic design because we are designing this pantry for his needs. The second theory we will be using is sustainability because we are using recycled metals and other items to make this pantry for him. The third theory we will be using is design activism. This will help solve the needs that lots of disabled people have and make it very accessible for them.

I was one of the presenters for this round of LOLA shows. I really enjoyed learning about Patagonia and what all they do for empathic design and sustainability. I never even knew they were so involved in helping the environment so it makes me love the company even more now. It fascinated me that they put out an ad for black Friday telling people to not buy their jacket because it consumes a lot of water to make. Most companies want to sell every item of clothing they have so it was cool to see Patagonia tell people not to buy something just because of impact it has on the environment. I also loved reading all the stories on their website about how attached people are to their Patagonia garments and how they’ve used them for many years and all the stories that have come along with them. Their worn wear program is probably my favorite thing about their company. They have a truck that travels all around the united states just to repair peoples clothing for free. They also will teach you how to repair your own clothing and if you don’t have any items to repair, they provide Patagonia clothing that you can repair and then keep for free. It’s just an awesome concept and I love what all they are doing to help our world. A LOLA show I enjoyed was the one Brionna presented about the Lokai bracelets. It’s awesome that this company actually travels to the highest and lowest point of the earth to get the ingredients for the bracelet. It reminds you to stay balanced with the highs and lows of life. I love that the company makes different bracelets for different causes such as breast cancer awareness, make a wish foundation, alzheimer’s association and many more. All the proceeds from those bracelets go to those foundations which is amazing. Another LOLA show I enjoyed was Becca’s presentation over Toms Shoes. I remember when Toms first became popular when I was in High school and everyone had a pair. Toms are shoes that are made of vegan materials, natural hemp, and organic cotton. Buying a pair helps third world countries that lack a lot of things that we have. For every pair you buy Toms company will send a pair of shoes to someone in need. I had no idea that Toms sold more products besides shoes. It’s cool that they sell sunglasses and every pair you buy toms pays for an eye exam and they can get glasses and surgeries if needed can be given. Overall I really enjoyed all the LOLA shows that were presented.

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