Dear Mr. Vincent..

What I learned from Mr. Vincent was that you can find more things to do and love. For example, he learned how to make potter and eventually sold it at markets. I also learned that as one gets older, the more fear of getting hurt or falling is more of a concern. So, as a group we think that finding something that will either catch them as they fall or have something soft to land on. One of our ideas was to have something similar to turf on football fields lie under grass. So when one does fall it would not be as harmful to their hips. As Mr. Vincent mentioned, he does not garden as much as he once did because of the fear of falling. Another idea we had was to expand of the balloon pants mentioned in class. That the pants are made to create a soft landing if one was to fall. But the women in the older generation did not believe that they would still look trendy wearing the pants. I believe that if there was a belt that can detect when one is falling at an accelerated rate that it can release cushion like padding to save the person from getting hurt.

One of the LOLA shows that I really liked was the angel gowns. I thought the idea was so wonderful of giving one’s wedding dress up to make little dresses for children that needed them. I do know that most wedding dresses do sit in their bags for many years and not touched. I think that this is the best way for using the dress that started a new chapter to help a person start a life. Another show that I enjoyed was the one about Patagonia. I love this company and what they do so it was no brainer that they would be one of my favorites. The fact that a customer can send in old products and have them fixed instead of buying a new jacket or vest is beyond awesome. I believe that having this service expands brand loyalty and sustainability.

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