Final Project

This week we met with Ms. Susan and interviewed her for out final project. I was really impressed by her and her ability to speak to us so openly. I learned that she lives with her husband in a house that is made almost entirely from glass, she loves to garden, spend time with family, and sit by her fireplace. One of my favorite things that she said to us was when we asked her for her age, she told us that she wanted to celebrate her age and told us to openly how old she is. I thought it was so neat that she wasn’t ashamed of her age, but instead celebrates the life that she has had so far.

We are going to take her responses to the interview and use empathetic design to create an outdoor oasis for Ms. Susan. We wanted to combine as many things that she likes to create something for her that she could enjoy for years to come. We want to incorporate a fire place, seating area, and garden space into the oasis. We wanted to create a space that would be useful to her and her husband, as well as their children.

To create our design, we are planning on using empathetic design to make sure it is a design that she will love. We are also planning on using biophilic and nature centered design.  Since our design is going to be outside we wanted to make sure to include nature into our design as much as possible.

This week I was sick on Thursday so I was unable to attend class and watch the Lola Shows.

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