Mariam Hamouch

Thus far in sustainability I have learned so much about different ways to be sustainable in my every day actions. When students present their LOLA presentations it opens up other doors in ways to make everyday things more sustainable.

The first group talked about empathetic design and I thought it was very interesting learning about TOMS. TOMS does so much to help the world out when they need it; TOMS has also expanded to so much more than just shoes, they have bags and backpacks that help out people in other countries that need it the most. They also talked about bracelets that are made from mud and water ranging from the dead sea to mount Everest. Although this company is not very sustainable they make it up by donating 10 percent of their profit to their organization. One of my favorite presentations was over Patagonia, they help the planet by using fabrics that are biodegradable. One of the company’s biggest things that they do is drive a van around filled with materials and they fix Patagonia garments that need repairs. They want people to be an owner of their garments and not just a user, take care of your garments instead of just getting rid of them. Materials are made from recycled nylon.


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