Mr. Vincent

Final Project

I loved learning about Mr. Vincent and his life. He lives on a few acres of land and seems to love nature, gardening, cooking and appreciates art. I really loved that the artwork he had was mostly from people he knew personally, and that they meant something to him. He enjoys shopping at Ross and finding quality clothing for good deals. Our group really plans to go over Mr. Vincent’s answers about his lifestyle,  shopping habits, and general interests to decide what he could most benefit from as it relates to a newly designed product in his life. We thought about designing a garage/work space for his creativity and incorporate biophilic design, his love of nature, empathic design, and turn it into a great space for him to work.


As for the LOLA Shows this week, I found several of them to be engaging. I had heard of TOMS’ program of donating shoes to those in need, but to learn that they also donate other goods and services was really interesting to me. I also liked Patagonia’s mobile service of repairing their jackets for consumers who can’t fix them themselves. It is an incentive to customers to just keep their old jacket vs buying a brand new one every few years. You’d think that would be bad for the company, but I think their integrity and the fact that their consumers like that their products last for a long time keep customers interested in their products. Lokai was another product I was aware existed, but I didn’t know much about it. To find out that the product is made of what they promote it is made of was interesting. They also contribute their own donations to great organizations which I found to be admirable.


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