Blog 10

The probes package for older adults was useful in that we were able to get a first person perspective on how their generation lives and what would be beneficial for them in their every day lives. We learned what is more difficult for them than for younger people and what they find comforting as they get older. Our group is going to take the responses that we received to design either a murphy bed (something the interviewee thought she would want) or possibly creating more light through furniture arrangement and window design. She liked animals, so we thought about even incorporating biomimicry into the design. The one thing we will design around the most will be eco-friendliness.

Three of the LOLA shows I found the most interesting to learn about were the ones about the Lokai bracelets, Patagonia, and Toms. The Lokai bracelet is special because it represents the highs and lows in life through the use of different elements of nature. The bracelet actually holds mud from the Dead Sea and water from the top of Mount Everest. Patagonia was all about only buying what you need and using it to it’s fullest. It is a much more conservative way of life to not only have minimal amounts of clothing, but repair those pieces of clothing whenever it becomes damaged instead of throwing it out and getting something new. All to often, people will get rid of clothing that can be easily repaired with a little effort. Which is why Patagonia actually has people that work for them that go around repairing clothing, even if it isn’t Patagonia brand. The last LOLA topic I will reflect on is Toms. Toms has graduated from giving away a pair of shoes for every pair of shoes purchased to providing eye surgeries, water, and even safe birth. Not only that, but the way Toms shoes are made or the most sustainable shoes on the market today.

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