Creating or Cluttering

Thoughts on Designing for older adults


My thoughts are that the older adult community is typically overlooked. I feel as thought a lot of designers are creating products solely for the millennial generation. It is quite odd in my opinion because most millennials do not have the funds to purchase things as frequently as an older adult who might be retired. I think that it is amazing that many people are starting to create products to accommodate older adults. There will be over 70 million older adults in 2030 and this generation will also be the most wealthiest. I think from a business point of view that it will be the best choice to start creating products for older adults. I especially think that this generation will be the most excited to see new products created for them because the millennials is sort of getting bored because mostly everything has been already created for us.

Stepping into the shoes of an older adult’s


I have done so much research this semester on older adults and I have had an heavy emphasis on lighting for older adults. One in three older adults over the age of 65 will experience some form of eye problem. Since I am quite knowledge in the eye problems that older adults will experience such as cataracts,glaucoma, age related macular degeneration, and last but not least diabetic retinopathy. I will like to create a product such as a pair of reading shades or sunglasses that older adults can wear that will be stylish but it will also given them extra lighting when need and also they will be able to turn the blue tint up or done. I have found that older adults see better when there is a blue tint to the lighting. They will be able to wear these shades while reading,shopping,driving,etc.

GERT suit activity


The Gert suit was very interesting and it also cause so much limitation. It’s very sad to see older adults experience not being able to reach too high or too low without feeling discomfort. I learned so much by wearing the Gert suit and it had made me experience what it is like to not have as much mobility that you once had.

Leyla’s Ted Talk


Leyla’s Ted talk was one of the best Ted talks I’ve heard so far. She talked about so many problems that I have never even considered. One interesting topic that she talked about was that mostly every family in the U.K. owns a tea kettle. She also mentioned that each household tends to make tea at the exact same  time and that is when the popular U.K. shows are on commercial break. I thought it was very strange that everyone drinks tea and the exact same time and that they country has to borrow energy from France in order for the citizens to have their tea. I also thought it was interesting what she said about the lettuce. She mentioned that a lot of lettuce goes bad so fast when it is in the refrigerator. The main thing that I took from her Ted talk was that “consumption is the biggest problem and design is the best solution”.

Reflection on Reading


The reading was very informative. It let me know what type of role I will like to have in the future. The role I feel most prepared for is designer as a communicator-educator. I feel as though this role is more of a match for the merchandising industry. We have to communicate with vendors and educate consumers. The role I feel least prepared for will have to be activism. I feel like as  a merchandiser it is a bit harder to be an activist than it might be to be a designer such as apparel or interior. Merchandisers have to not only please the customer but the vendor as well. And it is extremely hard to make everyone happy. The area of competence about will have to be the communicator-educator role because I have more experience in that area and that is the role I feel most prepared for. The area that is the least will still have to be designing as an activist because the merchandising career to me does not cater to this term as much as the other creative fields.

Reflection on Argument


One of the arguments that my group countered was along the lines of why people do not purchase sustainable products. I feel as though it depends on the person and the target market. There are people who solely seek out sustainable products and there are the people that seek out convenient products. I also feel that a lot of people are not educated on suitability. Do you feel as thought consumption is a trend or fad that will increase or decrease as time goes by due to sustainability? 

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