Blog 11

Blog 11

My thoughts about designing for older adults are intrigued. I would not usually be excited to design for older adults because there is such a large age gap and it would be more difficult to design for them. If I were to step into the life of someone with a specific challenge such as having a difficulty with walking, I would try to make his or her lifestyles a little easier. I would provide alternative ways to climb stairs, like a ramp or elevator access. Also maybe create a type of pant that provides them with comfort as they walk, find a certain type of material that is soothing and healing for someone who has troubles with walking. The GERT suit was very helpful with understanding the difficulties of walking. The weight added makes it more tiring to walk farther distances. Also when wearing the knee and elbow pads, it restricts the movement and ultimately makes it more difficult to function. I really enjoyed Leylas TED talk about finding new ways to save energy. I enjoyed her talking about the paper and plastic bags and which is better for the environment and her comparisons. The relay argument activity was interesting. I really enjoyed reading everyones thoughts on each argument and if we agreed or not. This past weeks lessons were very enjoyable to learn about.

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