Blog 11

Sustainability is a wicked problem. I have definitely had mixed feelings regarding it this semester. While I believe it is extremely important, I find it hard to practice sustainability myself simply because of “it’s how I’ve always done things.” I think the best way to navigate this problem is to continue being involved and knowledgeable of things that are being done to promote sustainability but also exercising the potential opportunity to design something to promote sustainability. This week on Tuesday I presented my LOLA Show. When I began researching and brainstorming I was very frustrated because I had no idea what to do my presentation over. I was very grateful Dr. Jayadas gave me a few ideas because it helped me find similar topics and I ended up being really intrigued with my final choice. I chose to do my LOLA Show over the IZ Collection. I have no idea why but for some reason this project has gotten me really excited about empathic design. Maybe I will design something one day for someone.  I enjoyed getting to hear about Liftware. It is fascinating to me that this technology exists. I can only imagine how many people have felt somewhat normalcy because of this innovation. I also enjoyed hearing about bamboo charcoal. Bamboo charcoal has been used in socks to improve circulation and reduce aches and pains. It got me thinking if it is so effective in socks what other garments could it be put in to help with things such as arthritis. Walk with Path was fascinating to me. It is definitely something I would have never known about or thought of a design for. The shoes provide vibrations to help when the person walks so it enhances their natural sensation between the floor and their foot when they walk. On Thursday we had two guest speakers. The first speaker was Dr. Alana Pulay. Dr. Pulay has a tiny house. Her house is 165 square feet and extremely cute I might add! I have always found tiny homes interesting. I thoroughly enjoyed the video about minimalism and has definitely inspired me to consider this lifestyle. I feel that it would be extremely difficult to live in a tiny home but I definitely think it would be a great experience but I don’t see it being a practical long term option. Dr. Pulay’s presentation has inspired me to keep tiny homes in the back of my mind when thinking about my future living arrangements. Alisa Wei spoke to us about her research on transformational garments. Essentially it is a garment that can transform into another style garment. Honestly I hope this is something we will see in retail stores one day. It was neat how easy it is to change the garments and I was impressed with the aesthetics of the garment as well.


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