Blog 11


At first, I was definitely confused and unsure about sustainability.  Throughout the semester, I have learned that there is not just one solution for all things sustainability.  There are so many different smaller issues within the overall umbrella and each can be solved differently.  Each person can take in a different perspective about how to solve certain problems in the world around them.  For me, personally, I have definitely become more self-aware of my own habits and those closest to me.  Even though I am just one person, I can make a big difference just by educating others and making small changes in my own life such as the way I travel, what I do with my everyday trash, how I design in my future career as an interior designer, etc.  I think the best way to navigate this complex problem is by being creative.  Our minds are so complex and can come up with so many solutions.  Never suppress a great idea towards sustainability!  Always share ideas with those around you.

I enjoyed the Lola shows about the spoon device for Parkinson’s by Liftware.  I know some family members with this and it can affect their life greatly.  It would be awesome to have this device to help them with daily activities.  I also enjoyed the IZ collection of clothes for people in wheelchairs.  The more expensive price would definitely be worth it for them to not worry about what they might wear for the day and the issues that go along with getting dressed. She especially talked about the jeans options, and how the waist is made higher in the back to help them. Finally, I enjoyed the presenation about Bamboo Charcoal and different companies that use it. It an improve circulation and give energy, and get rid of stinky odors.  The socks she mentioned can help individuals handle the issue of arthritis.  I know my grandparents would appreciate this!

For the design slam II, our group had an older woman in a wheelchair who wanted to maintain her independence.  She loved to cook and throw dinner parties for her friends, so we wanted to come up with a solution for her to be able to fully function in the kitchen.  Our solution was to create a kitchen with her as the focal point.  While she is in the center, the kitchen can surround her and be very mobile, so she doesn’t have to be.  She is able to make small movements in her wheelchair and reach and grab things easily. We based this idea off of an octopus, who had many arms and legs to be able to reach without much movement.

Professor Pulay talked about her tiny house and minimalism.  I am interested in minimalism, trying to put my hoarding habits behind me!  I like to keep things sometimes for no reason.  She is great about downsizing all of her things to fit only what she needs in her home.  She has a capsule wardrobe which is smaller, and fits all her belongings in her tiny house.  She even has a garage with all of her outdoor gear!  The next student discussed her clothing design that resembled legos and the way they are able to fit together and be taken apart.  This is essentially the idea behind her line of clothing, they are movable in small parts to create one outfit.  She did a lot of research about college aged girls and what they enjoyed, and she decided to use denim in her line. This was awesome because it uses less clothing but can create lots of fashion options!

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