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When reflecting on the LOLA show this past week one of the presentations that stood out to me was the one about dining with dignity. During this presentation she talked about the company lift ware and how the design a tool that allows people who have diseases such as Parkinson’s to be able to eat without the food falling off of the utensil that they are using. Another presentations that informative was the one about deigning clothing that is made for people in wheelchairs. This was great to learn about because I feel that it is a problem that may get overlooked sometimes because it is something that we don’t think about. I was great to learn about what modifications they are making such as making that waist different to where it doesn’t fall down when they are sitting. The last one that was interesting was the one about the shoes that have sensors in them. The company designs shoes that have sensors that are in the bottom on the shoes so that people who cant feel the ground normally will now be able to when the sensor makes contact and sends a feeling into the body so that they can now feel when they are walking.

This design slam for our group went better than the last one as far as having a more successful design. Our learning community was faced with the problem that we had a toddler that would constantly fidget with trying to learn so we needed to design a seat/chair that would be able to help them concentrate on the task in front of them such as reading a book instead of fidgeting. Our design was a chair that made it able for the chair that they are setting in to swivel around a center table that stayed stable so that what they are focusing on was stay still but that they could move their body. Out of the presentations that day I do feel that we had a successful design that did address the problem. The class agreed that we had a good design and voted us to be in ether the 2nd or 3rd spot out of the presentations that day. Overall I feel that it was a good design slam for our group.

When reflecting on the sustainability talks, the one that related to me the most was Dr. Pullay’s talk about her tiny house and a minimalist way of living. I have the opportunity to be in a few class with her as my teacher and had previously heard about her house and just a couple weeks ago had the opportunity to visit he house and have her explain how it works and how she lives. After seeing her house it was good to hear about why she chose to live that way and a minimalist way of living. While she was talking to us I kept thinking to myself if I would be able to live like this and in a tiny home. I feel that I could do it for a while maybe when I am just out of college and finding where I want to live but as far as the long run goes I not sure that I would be able to do that every day for the rest of my life. I do think it’s a very smart way to live and think that people should definitely embrace that way of living.

The second talk about student who designed clothing to work as Legos was so impressive to learn about. I think it is a great design and I feel that she has done a great job of executing her design. I think one of my favorite parts was when she was talking about the different ways that she considered attaching the clothing to other pieces. Although I like the way that she decided on with the islet, I do think that personally I would like it if the way they connected was less noticeable, but that is just from a personal stand point. I think the way that she chose to do it gave it a unique style and was well done. It was great to see that a thought that I student had was able to actually happen.

Lastly talking about if sustainably is a wicked problem. I do feel that it is hard because it hard for people who haven’t started learning about this at an earlier age that it may be harder to adapt to this life style and that makes it become a problem. Sustainability is something that has the potential to fix a lot of problems and can really be a positive but for now we only have a handful of people that are willing to make the change and be sustainable and until then it will be a problem. I feel that it is also a problem because most people may not understand what sustainability means. For me I was pretty naive to it until this class and that may be a problem for many others. I feel that the more that we get educated on this topic the more it will become less of a problem.

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