Blog 11

Sustainability as a Problem

From everything that I have learned about sustainability so far is that when a problem arises the first step always is to evaluate it thinking solely about the underlying issues that are trying to be solved. It is key to brainstorm and come up with multiple solutions. In sustainability you want to make sure your solutions are hitting the problem straight to the point is something I have realized is key. You also are always wanting to make sure that your solution to the problem is helping the people being affected directly as well. In order to navigate through a sustainability problem I feel as if it is simpler then people make it out to be. If you brainstorm, think in groups, stay on track, and do your research you will finish your path with a solution at the end.

I think the real underlying problem with the human population as a whole is the lack of knowledge when it comes to sustainability. I know before this class I was really confused on what it was

LOLA Shows

I really enjoyed the LOLA Shows on the following topics, Parkinson’s disease spoon, IZ design clothing for individuals in wheelchairs, and Silverets company for individuals with any disability. The spoon, Dining with Dignity, designed for individuals with Parkinson’s by liftwear I thought was a very awesome concept. I had actually seen some advertisement videos for this company on Facebook a couple times so it was super interesting to learn more about it in class. I had never realized how many people this disease affects and how hard it makes people daily life tasks such as eating. The biggest thing that stood out to me that I thought the company did a great job at it providing the different attachments for each utensil is an easy mobile package. I really loved the idea if the IZ clothing line talked about in one of the LOLA Shows. I had never really taken too much thought into the struggles that come with getting dressed for individuals who need the help of a wheelchair. The main thing I really liked about this clothing line besides the high use of empathic design was that they sill kept the clothes up with fashion and aesthetically pleasing. Finally I thought the Silverets company was a super successful idea, I just thought that the company’s advertisement and how you make purchases was poorly executed. I think that this is a need in society but I think it should be accessed more easily.

Design Slam II

I enjoyed design slam II, my group had a little of trouble with it in the beginning of really being able to put ourselves in our customers shoes. He was color blind but loved to window shopped and we had to help him heighten his window shopping experiences. My group struggled a little at the beginning to understand what it is like to be colorblind, once we got a better understanding we then were concerned with while solution we came up with would work best and serve the most amount of people. We ended up coming up with a pair of sunglasses that gave off symbols representing the color of the clothing. We used the concept of empathic design and biomimicry because this is similar to the way that snakes and bees see.

Sustainability Talks

I really loved both the sustainability talks. The first one was about what it is like to be a minimizer. The individual that came to our class to talk is a minimizer from experience so it was really interesting to hear her talk about how she minimized her life. She traveled for a little to see what she really needed, eventually she cleaned out all her stuff and moved into a tiny home. This tiny home allows her to still store her things she uses for hobby activities (bike, snow gear, and backpacking equipment). She lived by herself so she only has the things she needs (2 plates, 2 coffee cups, 2 pots, 1 pan, etc.), for her clothing she explained she uses what is called a capsule closet concept to decide what to keep. This type of concept means that everything in her closet is interchangeable for the most part and can match everything.

The second speaker was a student who just completed her masters and she talked about her thesis. Her concept was super interesting, as she talked about thinking of clothing as different Lego pieces that can fit and conform together to make multiple different styled outfits. I really enjoyed her talk as I thought it was a super creative concept and very futuristic.

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