Blog 11

Sustainability is a topic that I never knew much about before this class, I have come to realize through taking this class that it is a problem in our culture. There are many problems starting with global warming, the water use, textile waste, and many more issues as well. There are so many problems that can be solved by just simply being more sustainable, but being more sustainable can be the problem. People are not being conscious of it or just do not know how to do it. This can be the “wicked” problem with sustainability, that there is just not enough knowledge and information out there about what it is and how to do it.

Dr. Alana Pulay talked about how she lives her life being more sustainable by living in a tiny house. Her house is really tiny; it looks like a fancy camper. She lives a minimalistic lifestyle because she believes that it is worth it to her being more sustainable in that way. She only has room for the essentials in her life, she does not have room for anything that is not necessary. Her clothes are one the capsule method, she only has 24 pieces and all of them can be mixed and matched so that she can wear them multiple times a month. She has 12 pair of shoes that are suitable for all her daily activities. Her lifestyle as also allowed her to live debt free, she is financially stable because of this minimalistic lifestyle.

Alisa Wei was another speaker that we had come. She spoke on her sustainable fashionable development. Her entire concept was having an outfit that can be worn in many different ways. She wanted to have a product that was sustainable, but functional. She started by interviewing two girls and asked them what their problems were when it came to clothes and what they were looking for when they go shopping. She found that between the two people that she interviewed that the common piece of clothing that they found was jeans, so her collection is made completely out of denim. She called her collection “The Moment” because she realized in the moment that her line was a cradle to cradle concept while being a fashionable idea. “The Moment can be worn in many different for many different events.

There were two LOLA presentations that stuck out to me; the first one was about Parkinson’s disease. There is a spoon that is made that measures that tremors of the person’s hand and gradually bonces as to help the person eat. This was something I never knew existed. I liked this because my late grandfather had Parkinson’s and this could have been something that would have been useful to him.

The other LOLA presentation that I liked was IZ, this was about the clothing that was designed for people in wheel chairs. Although this brand of clothing is going out of business I think that having clothing that is especially designed for people in wheel chairs is important. Their bodies are different than everyone else and should have clothes that fit them as such.

The Design slam this week was a good one and I think everyone had good ideas. The one that was my favorite was “ELLA ELLA”, I liked this one because it was a place that was designed for kids that are under 18, they have a safe and fun environment for them to hang out. Another one that I liked was the chair designed for a kid that has a hard time sitting still and not moving around. This would be a product to have in schools and even in the home for children that need to do their homework at home.

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