Blog 11

I found Dr. Pulay’s presentation on tiny houses to be very interesting. It didn’t really click to me that one of the main reasons that people live in tiny houses is for their concern of the environment. After hearing her talk about tiny homes, I realized that they basically provide all the things you need for living and can still have some of the comforts of a large house all while lowering your environmental impact and financial burden. As for myself, I don’t think I could manage to live in a tiny home. However, I am eager to discover something I can personally do to reduce my carbon footprint.

The design slam for my group was targeted to help an older woman who is now in a wheelchair trying to maintain her usual lifestyle. We were told she loved to cook and host dinner parties so we decided to come up with something in relation that would be functional for her in the kitchen. We decided on creating a kitchen that puts her at the prime focus of it all. She will have convenient access to everything in the kitchen while still being in a wheelchair.

As for the Lola shows, I liked learning about the liftware for Parkinson’s. This device can detect motion from hand tremor from other types of motion, allowing it to react to just the tremor while protecting the user’s intentional movements. I also thought the presentation about the clothing designed for individuals in wheelchairs was very fascinating. I never thought about how difficult and time consuming that process would be until I learned about this simpler method. I think it is definitely something that would be worthwhile.

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