Blog 11

Wicked problems were discussed in class as a problem without straightforward solutions. Therefore, sustainability seems easily wicked. In taking this class, I have not learned sure fire ways and solutions to the sustainability problem. I would more so say that I have learned more of a mindset to approach each new situation with. I have learned that it is the many small things that make an exponential difference in the long run and it is the long run that we need to focus on.

One of the LOLA shows I enjoyed was about the interactive utensils for people with tremors. This device allows people to eat their meals as normal without spilling on themselves. They can bring the device to any restaurant and use their utensil so they won’t feel embarrassed about their disability. It senses their tremors and counteracts the individual’s movement by tremoring itself and therefore allows the individual to eat properly. Another show I enjoyed was the Walk With Path insoles. It is a product that can be worn in the shoes of people with nerve deficits. The insoles allow the individuals to walk and feel the ground as though they had perfect feeling in their extremities. The last show that I enjoyed was the company that was designing clothing specifically for people in wheelchairs. The designer teamed up with an individual in a chair and took into consideration their comments and concerns and came up with a company that has many designs for men and women.

Design slam II was a lot better in my opinion. I really appreciated going in reverse order so that we could understand the standard of information that every other group was presenting. We had to design a solution to dressing with arthritis—specifically for dress shirts and shoes. We came up with electromagnets that attached to the placket on the dress shirt and to the gromets on the tennis shoes. The individual would have to button the placket onto the short once and then would not have to after that. There would be a removeable battery pack attached at the side seam that when turned on would close the shirt and fasten the shoes.

I enjoyed the guest speakers this week because they gave us two very different examples of sustainability. Dr. Pulay gave us a virtual tour of sorts of her “tiny house” and showed us exactly how she accounts for everything in the limited space. Although I think “tiny” living is an interesting life style, I am not sure that it would be suited to me with all of my sewing supplies. The second speaker was my personal friend, Alisa. She is a graduate student in Apparel Design and Production and is writing her thesis on transformative clothing. I actually participated in her study as a guest consumer. I really liked her idea for transformative sustainable designs because it was something I had never thought of before, and I could definitely see myself wearing all of her designs.

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