Blog 11

Sustainability is a wicked problem. It is a difficult problem for us to solve especially because there is not enough people in the world educated on this topic. After this class I do feel more educated about the topic but I know there is still so much to learn so I feel like its going to be a hard problem to solve when we don’t have enough people trying to solve it. We definitely need to educate more people on the topic because being sustainable has such a positive outcome and could really help our planet. We need to find more solutions on educating so we can make being sustainable a top priority in our world.

I really enjoyed each of the LOLA shows that were presented.  One of my favorites was the Liftware utensils made for Parkinson’s disease. It was so interesting and cool to see that people could actually come up with these type of utensils to help control people’s tremors while they try to eat. I know someone who suffers from tremors and I definitely could see this helping them out. Another LOLA show I enjoyed was about the company IZ, which designs clothing for people in wheelchairs. I feel like it is something we don’t really think about. I know I didn’t so it was really interesting to hear about the company. I was sad to hear that it was closing because I don’t really hear about many clothing companies designing for people in wheelchairs so hopefully there will be more in the future. Another LOLA show I enjoyed was the Walk With Path insoles. This was a crazy concept to me. Its so cool that a company was able to come up with these insoles that have sensors in them so people who cant feel the ground when they can walk can now walk normally.

Design Slam II was really enjoyable in my opinion. For our group we had an 81-year-old man who suffered from macular degeneration and could not see signs from far or read labels. So my group and I decided to put in LED lighting because it is bright and also sustainable so he would be able to see the signs better. We also added magnifiers to the aisles of the stores so when looking at products you could use a magnifier to read the labels which would make it easier for him to see. We also made the glass from recycled glass which made it more sustainable. I really enjoyed the Design Slams this year and I wish we were able to have more.

Both sustainability talks last Thursday were very interesting. Dr. Pullay talked about her tiny house and showed us a Ted talk about how to live a minimalist life. I really enjoyed the ted talk because I never really understood fully what being a minimalist was but now I have grasped the concept of it. It’s cool to know that one of our professors at Oklahoma State is living in her own tiny home and is trying to live a minimalist life. It’s very inspiring if you ask me. The second talk was a graduate student in the DHM program who gave a presentation about her designs for clothing. She found a sustainable way for clothing to last us longer and to be able to wear a piece of clothing in many different ways. It is an awesome idea and I’m proud of her for creating such an amazing concept. She relates the clothing to lego pieces because you simply put the clothing together with string like how you put two legos together. I hope to find her ideas one day in clothing stores.

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