Blog 11

I very much enjoyed listening to how it really is to live in a tiny home, it is something I don’t believe I could do but I have high respect for those who do. What I thought was cool was how efficient everything was in her house. Everything worked together in order to be sustainable and minimialistic.I loved seeing all of the storage she had just in her living room furniture, I loved how convenient and accessible everything was. My favorite part of the whole house was the fact that she had a tiny garage; when you downsize it doesn’t mean you have to get rid of everything that could be “in the way” she was still able to have her skies and her bikes.

The Ted talk we watched over minimalism I loved, I was so interested in his journey to downsize his living and his belongings. The way he got started I believe is a fantastic way to start. He packed up everything he owned and only kept the things he needed for that month. It was very effective and he got fast results.

Ialsp really enjoyed watching a clothing line be based off of this sustainability class. Her idea was so original and so creative I was very impressed. Going to Goodwill for materials is a very smart idea. Definitely something I would look into purchasing seeing that it is completely versatile.

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