Blog 11

Tiny house dwelling by Dr. Pulay-

Dr Pulay lives in 165 square feet house. I have never heard of anyone living in such a small space, but it was really interesting how she was able to minimalize her life. I was even more surprised that she was able to have a spouse and a cat all in that little house with her. She had to figure out new ways to store her things, different than in a normal house. She had a lot of things hanging to maximize storage space. It is so crazy to me that she was able to go from living in a normal house to making a huge adjustment to live in this tiny home. This made me reflect on how today’s society always wants everything bigger and better. People think that they need to have the biggest house when really Dr. Pulay proved that you can live a normal life in such minimal space. Her house is much more energy efficient and uses much less electricity, shrinking her carbon footprint by a big amount. This makes me think twice about my next house that I will live in, I can live in something pretty small successfully if Dr. Pulay can live in this house with a spouse and a cat.


Alisa created one garment that can transform into many other garments. This was a really cool concept because it is something that I would not imagine would be possible. I have seen different garments that can be worn in different ways, but nothing that was this versatile. This garment could be so many different outfits from dresses to tops. The garment could even be made into a backpack with the extra fabric. This is very sustainable because instead of having to buy a bunch of different outfits for different occasions, they can just buy that one outfit. I have never seen a garment like this at the store, but in my life I can buy garments that I can wear in different ways, and in different seasons. I mostly buy staple garments versus trend garments because they don’t go out of style so I don’t have to replace them. I would definitely buy this versatile garment that Alisa created, it would save money, space, and materials.

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