Blog 11


Three lola shows I enjoyed were the one about the hand tremors and the spoon that stabilizes itself, the clothing for disabled people, and the walk with the path insoles. All three of these were very interesting and focused on empathic design and sustainability. The spoon that helps with Parkinson’s was awesome. I had no idea that kind of technology existed. That product can help so many people and help enable elderly and disabled people to be more independent. The Iz clothing and Silverts clothing were also amazing designs. It would be so hard to shop for disabilities in normal clothing stores, so its great that there are stores out there for these people. The walk with the path insoles was another cool topic. This technology is so advanced and new to me. These lola shows really grabbed my attention and were easy to listen to.

Design Slam 2 was wildly different from the first one. Our group got Rocky balboa who was suffering from macular degeneration. We had to come up with a solution to help him shop in stores. We decided to do research on lighting and how people like that see. We discovered that Led lighting would be the best and is also less harmful to eyes. We also remembered from visual merchandising that black text on white backgrounds is best. Our design was to have small handheld magnifying glasses attached to the shelves so that people with this disorder could see. Also, whenever possible signs and text would be as large as possible. One of my favorite design slam presentations was the Audrey Hipburn one. It was catchy, innovative and funny too.

It was nice to have Alana come to talk to us. Her tiny house and cat were very cute. It was interesting to see how she lives and that she is content with her situation. Although her life is not for everyone, it is cool that she does it. Her efforts help even if is in a small way. If more people were into this lifestyle, sustainability would be more practiced. I liked hearing about her journey and why she thought it was important to live that way.

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