Blog eleven

Sustainability is a wicked problem. The world is used to doing things a certain way and all of a sudden trying to change would be extremely hard. In order for people to jump on board with sustainability there will have to be new inventions that outweigh the benefits of what is being used now. I know with technology it is possible to do one day but the deciding factor is when? When will we decide to drop everything that we have been doing and learn the new sustainable way to help save our Earth. We as people need to be educated and need to start making changes now. It is hard to do something that not a lot of people are educated about. They do not even know the significance of being sustainable. I do realize that it is tough because for me it has been tough. I have tried to change my ways in doing things but I catch myself slipping a lot. In order to navigate through this wicked problem we would literally have to be able to stop time and replace everything with sustainable products. Realistically, we have to continue to push sustainability and educate more people and let them know how much it could better our lives.

The three LOLA shows that I really enjoyed were about helping people who have disabilities. The Liftwear that is for people with Parkinsons disease is a great invention. A man that I care about deeply has this disease and it kills me every time watching him trying to eat or drink something. Secondly, I really enjoyed the one about the socks for Diabetics. My grandma actually became diabetic when she discovered that she has Pancreatic Cancer. If only she would have known about these socks then they could have really helped her through a lot. Lastly, the LOLA show about the pants made specifically for people in wheelchairs was a good one. I liked it because I had always wondered how comfortable or uncomfortable clothes were for people who are in wheelchairs and the stress of having to get dressed and undressed. I like how it provides them with extra comfort.

For the design slam 2 my learning community had a young girl who was always fidgeting and could not focus on reading. We had to figure out a way that we could get this young girl to focus while reading so we designed a chair. The chair was designed to move in a circular 360 degree motion around a desk that did not move at all. It is proven that kids with ADHD fidget a lot but they can focus better while being allowed to do it. So we gave this little girl a chair that made it easy for her to fidget and go around all while sitting and reading. I thought that it was a great idea because I have ADHD and when I am allowed to have free movement on my own, I study and focus a lot better. That is why I would buy this chair in a heartbeat because when I am restricted my mind starts to go 1000 MPH and I can’t focus on just one thing.

Dr. Pulay talked about her Tiny house and I am actually obsessed with the idea of Tiny houses. I began watching the television show and instantly became hooked. I think that her living by herself and the way she has everything set up is perfect. She saves so much money by living like a minimalist. Not only money but she is also reducing her carbon footprint and saving energy as well. I would love to have my own tiny house one day and be able to just get up and move wherever I pleased. I personally think someone needs to begin a tiny house community in Stillwater somewhere close to campus so college kids can start to learn how to live differently and efficiently. The other presentation was given by Alisa about the modular clothing design concept. She took recycled denim and made new pieces of clothing. She did such a good job on them and they looked beautiful.






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