Dining With Dignity

Tiny Houses

Dr. Pulay’s presentation on her tiny house was incredibly interesting to me. I have always wondered about what sort of lifestyle you would lead in a house like that. If I were older and in a stable location and single, I think I would be able to do this without issue. But, imagining living in a tiny home with my boyfriend seems like a nightmare situation, as we run into each other all of the time in our 2 bedroom home currently. I love how sleek and modern the amenities are, so that you aren’t having to compromise your personal style for the lesser space. The one part of minimalism that I liked was the complete de-cluttering, as my lifestyle is currently full of clutter and stuff that I know I do not need, but do not get rid of. One issue I might have with the tiny home is the amount of clothing space available, as I have a lot of clothes and that would be something very hard to compromise getting rid of for me. I was a little concerned when she talked about storing her pots and pans inside the over, just imagining having to empty that out before cooking in the oven every single time. Outwardly, I think there is something ideal about this lifestyle, but knowing myself and my current lifestyle, I’m not sure it is something I could convert to easily.

Modular Clothing Design

Alisa’s design concept was impressive to say the least. The idea of modular clothing is definitely a concept of the future. I think there are so many convenient uses for clothing that can be used in several different outfit pairings. Especially for people constantly traveling or on the move, to provide several outfit choices with half the amount of fabric is genius. What I really enjoyed about it was that she was able to take herself out of her mind as a designer and put herself into the mind of the consumer and list herself the difficulties consumers might have with using her designs. I agree with her that the eyelets add a certain design flare that I really enjoy, but I cannot imagine having to tie my clothing together every morning. I do think our generation is very much about fast fashion, in a literal sense as well. This would mean we might find clothing that takes us twice as long to put on in the morning inconvenient and not worth the interesting concept. Another problem she said she faced was that it was easy to put the eyelet hardward on denim because it supported it well but when she went to put the eyelets on chiffon or a softer material, it caused the material to bunch in an unattractive way. All in all, I think after some adjustment to this concept and the aesthetics of the designs, I would 100% buy an outfit that can be worn 2+ different ways.


I presented in the LOLA Show this week on Parkinson’s disease and how pronounced it is in the world. I discussed the issues that those with Parkinson’s disease face every day and a solution to their tremors called Liftware which is a spoon that has a technology to counteract the tremor of the hand and assist them in eating their meals. Dining with Dignity was a good way to explain it I think because it literally allows the user to dine without the self consciousness they used to. It was an easy presentation as I was interested in the subject matter and so proud to talk about a solution that is currently changing lives. I also enjoyed the LOLA Shows about the adaptable clothing. Both clothing lines sounded like they are helping people bound to wheelchairs with clothing that is not only trendy but incredibly functional as well. One aspect that was interesting was the way the jeans are lifter higher than the waist to compensate for the users seated position and the buttons on the back of the clothing to make it easier for a helper to get the clothing off. I’ve enjoyed the LOLA Show assignment, as it gave us a reason to look further into the concepts we were learning in class and how they can actually be applied when we leave.

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