Hats off t0 Alisa

Sustainability is a pressing issue in society, we can all agree on that. I believe it is hard for people simply because it makes them think, and it causes them to readjust their schedules. After class this semester I feel so much more educated on sustainability, I find myself talking about it at home. I have even had friends ask me what it means or looks like to be sustainable. I would really like to get in better habits of being a more sustainable person and household. I think I can help navigate this problem, simply through the old solution, by word of mouth. The more you hear about it the more you think about it.

The “Dining with Dignity” LOLA Show by Becca was so cool. My grandmother has parkinson’s disease and I truly think this could help her with some of her social anxiety. The spoon that was created is such a simple concept and will really benefit some people when they try and eat. My favorite LOLA show was one that Taylor presented on user centered design in relation to the connection between user and product. There were two types of shoe related products: path finders and path feels. The path feel is an insole that helps the foot walk comfortably and the path finder is an attachment that actually helps the shoe find the ground. I know I would by this for myself and my grandmother, especially for some of those worn out shoes that I love, but can’t seem to get rid of. The IZ Clothing for people in wheelchairs is something I found to be cool. People in wheelchairs is such a missed market and they need clothing specially made for them. As a designer I can especially see some of the challenges with fit that the people in the wheelchairs must face. It is heartbreaking.

Design Slam II was a race for us apparel designers, it was cool to be challenged in such a way. We came up with a design that allowed people to put less strain on their hands when they open/close their shirts, and put on their shoes. We came up with a sustainable concept; magnets. They are simple and recyclable.

The sustainability talks last week were awesome. It was so cool to hear people talk about their personal stories. Dr. Pulay’s tiny house was interesting, I wish I had the willpower to do it because I think it can be so beneficial to someone in more ways than one. I plan to move to New York, and if I do, I will be downsizing significantly so I better get used to it. Hearing Alisa talk about her designs was so gratifying. I got see her work first-hand and see all of the time and pressure she was under. She worked SO hard on her line and it is a truly incredible line. I want every piece in my wardrobe. With so many different ways to wear it each piece, I just think it is awesome. I am so proud of her.

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