Modification is Creation

I navigate sustainability by evaluating my own actions and how I judge them, personally. So instead of buying new, if I can, I buy used. If I need to buy new, I take care of that product and try not to be wasteful.

I really enjoyed the spoon for parkinsons. My great-grama is 95 this year and while she is in incredible health for he age, and especially for her habits, she can no longer write because she shakes so much. I thought that was a great product for that kind of a problem, and I wondered how it might relate to other problems faced, like dialing a phone or writing a letter. I also thought the wheelchair clothing line was very interesting as an apparel designer. The use of grain to sit better at a seated position is a brilliant idea, and a great design. Finally, the Walk with path product was very interesting to me. I thought the method of research they used (to go where the user goes every day and recording that) was simply elegant.

The design slam 2 was good, and had a lot of interesting names. We created a magnetic closure system, which I liked, since I’ve always wanted to use magnetic closures in my designs.

The tiny house is a really cool concept. From it I appreciated more the concept of minimalism, since I’m not sure my sewing machine alone could fit in a tiny house.

Alisa Wei is awesome and brilliant. Her lego-based design system is something which could revolutionize the current industry, even though it was a lot of work for her to put together, I am so glad she brought this info for us to see. In the past, garments were not sold. Trashed for the new style, rather, the garment was modified by the user through diy or paying a tailor to change the garment to incorporate a puffy sleeve, for example, or to add a ruffle at the top. I think in my lifetime garments will go back to this, since so many people are into diy right now, and sustainability. That is my hope.


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