Sustainability in a new way

Sustainability is a wicked problem. This is mainly because people are not educated with how to use sustainable products or habits. Navigating this problem is easier than it seems. We can research about sustainable every day products! We can also learn from others in how to be more sustainable. For instance, Dr. Pullay presented her tiny house to us and explained how she only has what she needs. Dr. Pullay only has two coffee cups because that all she needs. Practicing this minimalize habit really helps us to be more efficient and own the very minimal. Alisa discussed reusing materials in her clothing design. We can reuse so many different things in our day to day lives.  In the LOLA show, Ashley discussed empathetic design focusing on Parkinson disease. Liftware has designed a spoon to help people eat with Parkinson disease. It takes 70% less effort to eat then using normal flatware. Kennedy talked about adaptive pants for men and women in a wheelchair. The product is very fashion forward and provides different fits for men and women. The jeans fit people that are sitting in a wheelchair the way they should if they were standing. Taylor discussed user centered design and empathetic design and

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